E.B. Green's Martinview Cottage
A Historic Home in Buffalo NY
History and Links
When the cottage was built in 1899-1900 the corner property directly across the street was unoccupied.  It was a few years later that Frank Lloyd Wright persuaded Darwin D. Martin to purchase the corner property in order to build a new home -- which became one of Wright's masterpieces, The Darwin D. Martin Complex.  The Complex is undergoing a complete restoration and is open for tours and events.  You can read about it at http://darwinmartinhouse.org/.   
You can view E.B. Green's ledger and see his elevation drawings of Martinview Cottage at the Buffalo History Museum.  Here are the pages of his ledger for 113 Summit courtesy of BHM's Research Library.

Note that the first floor elevation drawing also includes a view of Green's costs of building the cottage.  The cottage turned out to be a most expensive proposition for Green, and he stated afterward that he would never again build such a small dwelling.

There have been no structural changes to the exerior of the house.  The front porch was rebuilt to historical accuracy in the summer of 2006.

Here is a letter we found tacked inside a wall during renovations to move the basement stairs:

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